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You need Magic for your Mobile Applications 

People today expect to have the world at their fingertips at all times. They expect to be able to find information on lodging, dining, shopping and local services in the palm of their hand. They expect to get the information they need simply and easily, and they expect everything to work.

According to IDC, mobile app downloads are forecast to soar from 10.7 billion in 2010 to 182.7 billion in 2015. We have reached the point where having a mobile app for your business, organization or regional event is no longer a nice to have. It is a must have.

You know you need a mobile app. Why should you work with Phondini Partners to create your app?

  • Phondini creates truly custom apps – We partner with you to help you develop a mobile strategy that works for you.
  • Phondini apps run on all platforms – We create apps that are available in the Apple, Android and Amazon app stores, a feat that separates us from the pack.
  • Phondini believes in long-term partnerships – We partner with you for the long term, building updates into our strategy that take advantage of the latest technological developments and your evolving needs.
  • Phondini is committed to your success – We are committed to creating apps that accelerate your traffic and your revenue and help you achieve your goals within a framework of functionality and cost.
  • Phondini’s apps are best in class – As demonstrated by our receipt of the Travel Weekly 2012 Silver Magellan award for our Laguna Beach app, Phondini prides itself on delivering best-in-class solutions that meet our customers’ needs.
  • Phondini has bragging rights to many firsts – Just to name a few, our Laguna Beach app was the first community app with Augmented Reality and Real-Time Transit Tracking. Our iCoastside app features Live Traffic Driving Times & Real-Time Transit Departures.  FishLine is the first app to provide real-time information about the fresh seafood available at working waterfronts. These features bring customers back into the app over and over again.
  • Phondini is a Green Company. Phondini’s apps have saved printing thousands of brochures, maps and leaflets.  Phondini’s development office is solar-powered, and Phondini’s CEO even drives an electric car.
  • Phondini’s apps are Made in the USA – You will be working directly with the team that builds your app and that team has decades of experience working in the computer software industry in Silicon Valley and Route 128.

Phondini’s Award-Winning Mobile Apps

Phondini has created award-winning apps for communities, businesses, festivals and events. We would be delighted to work with you to develop a strategy that enables you to reap the benefits of the digital marketplace.


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